We Love Kids!

What is a Family Dentist?

A family dentist usually accepts any patient regardless of age, from children to the elderly. This makes them more convenient for those who want to employ the same dentist for all members of the family. If you have small children, a family dentist will deliver comprehensive oral care from baby teeth to permanent teeth.

What Does a Family Dentist Do?

We are the definition of a family practice since we ARE a family. Dr. Darryl Skale’s son Dr. Ryan Skale and his daughter, (Ryan’s sister) Mollie, as their hygienist. We love having whole family appointments and are always excited to meet the new little ones in our families. Children are treated to cartoons on our big screen TV’s in the office.

Dr. Darryl Skale is especially proud to say we have multiple families with 4 generations as patients: great grandparents, grandparents, parents and children. We offer Saturday and evening appointments.

As a family dentist we can provide many dental treatments to children and family, ranging from routine dental care – such as cleanings – to x-ray examinations and working to determine if a child’s jaw and teeth are developing properly. Our goals are to place an emphasis on preventative dental care. This is because early intervention and proper dental practices can make a child much less likely to develop dental problems – such as cavities or crowns – as they progress into adolescence and then adulthood.

Family Dentists Comfort Children

We are great working with both adults and children who have an exaggerated fear of seeing the dentists. Our team strives to create a positive experience for each patient, an environment anyone can become comfortable in. We know a dental office can be a scary place for a child with all of the specialized dental equipment and the sounds made by some of the dental machines. However, as an experienced office, we know how to work with a frightened child, comforting them and relaxing them before proceeding with an exam or any treatment processes. We will set your child at ease, explaining everything that is going on, and never creating an atmosphere of fear.

A positive dental experience – especially for a young child – is likely to result in the child growing into an adult who is comfortable with routine dental care and who regularly gets dental check ups. Establishing a good relationship with their own dental needs, at a young age, means your child is going to have less dental problems as they age, avoiding many of the dental pitfalls of their peers.

Elder Care

Dr. Darryl Skale has volunteered his team over the years working with local Covenant Village. As a result, we have a great deal of patients over the age of 75 and in need of both preventative and restorative treatments. Many of these patients are on multiple medications creating a dry mouth effect and causing dental problems that we are here to help manage and correct. We have great options available to our elder patients and are handicap friendly and accessible.