Preventative Services

Restorative Services

Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer the most advanced technology in cosmetic dentistry including minimal drilling porcelain veneers as well as bonding to close spaces between front teeth. We also feature full porcelain and Zirconium crowns (the latest technology in cosmetic crowns). Virtually all our restorations (fillings) are tooth colored (composite).

Sleep Apnea Treatment

It is very important to seek medical attention if sleep apnea is suspected. A sufferer can completely stop numerous times per hour, and this can quickly…

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Sport Dentistry

Dr. Skale works closely with Glenbrook North High School and other athletes within the Northbrook community. We provide you with the top of the line Athletic Mouthguards; ProForm mouthguards that provide the maximum protection to both your teeth as well as reducing head injuries, lacerations or concussions.

Oral Cancer Screening

We have the most current technology in the Velscope oral cancer screening instrument…

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